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    Windy City Live

    "The Best Body For You"

    Watch as Chie explains her philosophy to get you to the goal you want. She believes it starts with your mind-set and then she'll incorporate a customized food plan - just for you.



    Chie Terui's Promo

    April 2018

    Japanese-born Chie Terui. 2018 The Arnold Classic Amateur International Championships Figure A (2nd Place).



    Chie Terui Muscle Nadeshiko 2018 Tour

    "One Step at a Time" Japan Tour - October 1-11, 2018

    Chie Terui Muscle Nadeshiko 2018 “One Step at a Time” Japan tour October 1st - October 11th in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Tohoku in Japan. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support! I can’t wait to see you there!