• Get to know Chie

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    Chie Terui is a world-renowned figure competitor, businesswoman, fitness model, and mother of three who was born in Japan and later moved to the United States. Chie tours Japan annually doing guest appearances and giving seminars to boost the development of the Japanese fitness industry. Her talents have given her the opportunity to train in Japan as well as several locations in the United States. She has trained clients of all ages, shapes, & sizes – ranging from teaching toddlers to swim to helping seniors improve their fitness level.

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    Chie began a commitment to transform herself from a size 12 to a size 2. Chie’s eating habits changed as she began raising her three children. Her love of food combined with lack of exercise caused her to become overweight and develop health problems including high cholesterol. On top of going through a divorce, she struggled with motivation and self-confidence, hating herself and thinking she would never overcome the issues she faced. Chie began exercising to improve her health. As she began to lose weight, she became excited with the changes, and her goals became loftier. This eventually led to her current status as a figure competitor.

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    A rising star in this area, Chie placed 1st in the Open Figure Short Class at the 2009 NPC Illinois State Figure Championship and in November 2011 placed 1st in Open Figure Short Class at the NPC Iowa Battle of Champions. In July 2012, she placed 1st at the NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza in the Open Figure Short Class. In 2010 and 2011, Chie entered the Arnold Classic Amateur International Figure Competition and took 3rd place. Most recently, Chie took 2nd place in the Arnold Amateur International Championships in the Figure Short Class category. Chie continues to train and compete today. Her success in the fitness industry has allowed her to work with many well-known photographers as a fitness model.